Baby: My favorite baby boy shower gifts

It makes me itch when I see baby boy clothes with cheesy sayings like: Mommy’s Little Slugger or 2 Cute 4 Words. As a new mom of a baby boy, I never realized how little there is for boys.

When I mentioned my frustration to my husband he said, “He’s a boy. You put him in the backyard and that’s it.”

That may be true, but to help out, here are some of my favorite baby boy gifts to new moms.

Ties on Onesies

These are the cutest onesies with little ties sewed on the front. Customize the color and this Etsy seller will even monogram it for you.

Monthly Onesie Stickers

Purple Possom is one the original Etsy sellers and their onesie stickers are the best. The idea is that you take a picture of your little one every month wearing their onesie sticker and at the end of the year you have a chronology of their growth and progress.

Books, books, books

I went to a baby shower where the whole theme was books. What a great idea! I also found my husband wanted to talk to the baby while I was pregnant, but it was awkward trying to think of what to say. It made it easy when we started receiving books. He would read to the baby.

Also, for our first father’s day, I got my handy and geeky husband these two books: Geek Dad and Handy Dad. While we still have a few years till both of them can choose activities, he loves thinking ahead about all the cool stuff they’re going to do together.

Teething Blanket

One of my favorite baby shower gifts was this teething blanket from One Step Ahead. I didn’t know how brilliant this gift was till Buddy started teething. I love that ours is customized with his name.

Chic Diaper Bags

Our very own Miss Molly turned me onto the world of chic, designer diaper bags (dang you!). I’ve been known to splurge on a bag or two (hello, Kate Spade, I’m looking at you), so the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag she gave us soooo caught my eye.

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