Home: How to clean up for last minute company

“Oh Hiiiiiiii, I’m in the neighborhood, mind if I swing by?”


I’m not a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination, so when I have guests over it usually requires some straightening up around the house. Many times, I’m left with only a few minutes to make everything look more presentable before said company arrives. Here’s a plan of attack designed to have the most impact in only a few minutes.

  • Do a visual scan while standing by the entrance- anything big out of place? What catches your eye? Straighten out things you can see right off. Arrange throw pillows, take things off the coffee table and couch. Clear kitchen bags are helpful to put things in and stash in the closet or in a bedroom until they can be organized later.
  • Clear off counters in the kitchen and wipe down surfaces quickly. Got dirty dishes in the sink? Fill it with soapy water- it looks better. Empty the trash and spray around the bin with air freshener (I use an anti-bacterial spray like Lysol).
  • Wipe down mirrors and faucet in the bathroom and empty the trash. Make sure there is toilet paper and a fresh hand towel.
  • If you have enough time, run the vacuum in the high traffic areas.
  • Light a few candles- I usually put one in the bathroom, kitchen and living room.

What are some of your last minute cleaning tips?

  • http://theomnom.com Max

    I pretend I have a friend from out of town coming over last minute and tell you about it… it’s like detonating a clean bomb.