10 Unique Gifts: the Wine Lover

Tired of gifting corkscrews and stemware? Here are some unique gifts for the wine enthusiast.

1. Wine cork candles

Add a little ambiance to your evening- these clever candles fit inside your favorite wine bottle and add a romantic glow to a tablescape. $22 for a set of 12.

2. Wine tasting chocolates

This set of chocolates coming in three cocoa percentages (54%, 55%, 56%) can take your wine tasting or dinner party to the next level of classy. Each variety explains the type of wine it is best paired with- Cabernet, Port and Pinot.

3. Wine Thermometer

Great wines deserve to be served at the proper temperature! This wine bottle thermometer also includes a handy guide which gives the desired temperature for many different types of wines. $38

4. Recycled wine bottle drawer pulls/cabinet knobs

These are handmade from discarded wine bottle necks and filled with broken glass to add sparkle to your cabinets, drawers or wine cellar doors. $16 each, available in several colors.

5. Wood bottle bookends

This set of bookends are made of solid arcadia wood with a walnut stain, adding a rustic yet modern twist to your bookshelves. Rubber bottoms keep them from sliding. $80, set of two.

6. Wine barrel serving tray

Handmade in Texas, this elegant serving tray is made from a retired wine barrel. It features forged steel handles and the stamp of the it’s original winery. $180

7. Bamboo wine table

Picnics and sunsets just got that much more romantic. Stake this baby in the ground, and have wine for two al fresco. $22

8. Wine cooler carrier bags

These insulated bags not only keep your wine chilled through transport, they also have an attached corkscrew and carrying strap. Available in sizes varying from a one bottle capacity to a four bottle carrier- which can also carry 18 cans of your beverage of choice. $14-$32

9. Wine Journal

Commemorate your special wines and occasions with this handmade wine journal. Created in San Francisco, this book features a brushed copper cover, metal spiral and recycled paper pages. Glue labels to the pages and use the extra space to describe the flavor, the evening, event or experience. $40

10. Wine Wars Game

This fun trivia game tests your knowledge of all things vino. A perfect host/hostess gift, this game is great for the beginner looking to learn more and also challenging enough for the most experienced oenophile. $13.50


  • Annette Mullen

    You forgot to add the wine teeth wipes I told you about… they are available in Scottsdale

  • Anonymous

    There are really a 10 unique gifts for wine lovers. I like to drink wine with my dinner. I like this Wine tasting chocolates, Wine Thermometer and Bamboo wine table.

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