I Tried It: Fat freezing by Zeltiq

As a worker in the cosmetic dermatology field, sometimes I get to try the latest and greatest. Not too long ago I was able to try a procedure called CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. It’s a simple principal that you’ve probably noticed yourself- fat freezes faster than water. How would you notice this? Think of a stick of butter… it goes solid in your refrigerator when a pitcher of juice doesn’t even get slushy. Taking that concept to the next level, researchers out of Harvard University (read: legit) developed a machine which basically freezes fat to the point of it’s demise while leaving your skin and it’s surrounding tissues in tact.

CoolSculpting claims an average of 20-25% reduction in the fat layer in the area treated over a period of about 90 days (a claim approved by the FDA, as a matter of fact). For those who are in generally good shape and just have a few persistent bulges, this might be just the ticket. While traditional liposuction offers more dramatic results, it’s also significantly more expensive with a whole slew of risks and a lot of down time.

So what was it like? It was pretty uneventful in the grand scheme of things- some photos were taken, the doctor marked the area to be treated, applied a cold, slimy gel pad to protect my skin, and then the machine SUCKED my abdomen into it’s icy grips. Sucked might be an understatement. My first question was “OMG. Are my internal organs in there??” As I looked at the applicator, which is really just a big suction cup with chilling plates on either side. I was assured that no, my organs weren’t being frozen and the sensation was just the intense suction from the machine. After about 8 or 9 minutes, all went numb and I chitchatted with the Zeltiq rep and my coworkers for the remainder of the hour.

Once the hour was up, the applicator was removed and my tummy stayed frozen in place, which was weird to say the least. It stung slightly as it was massaged and warmed up, but I was easily able to work the rest of the day without issue. Over the next two weeks or so, I got some itching and cramping of the area, but nothing a little Advil didn’t take care of. Having experienced the procedure and side effects first hand, I’d repeat the process for my lower abdomen without hesitation- which I plan to do in the next month or so.

Before and After CoolSculpting

Now I’m about 3 weeks out, so the verdict is still out on the final results, but I’ve noticed my bothersome pooch is ever so slightly improved. All is supposed to improve from here over the next two months or so, and I’ll be sure to post an update as my story unfolds. If you’d like to read more about this procedure, check out it’s reviews on RealSelf.com and take a look at the manufacturer’s website also.

Note: I was treated by Susan Van Dyke, MD of Van Dyke Laser & Skin in Paradise Valley, AZ

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    OMG…. what amazing results… The difference is already so visible… I really see a huge difference

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    I see an improvement too! Very interesting! I hadn’t heard of this procedure until now.

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  • et moi

    Any updates? Further results? Please share!

  • Odonnellmom

    I want 100% of the fat layer gown. Have done lipo twice, it is very uneven. Looked great but I think fat eventually comes back unless tights and tucked like tummy tuck. I have about 5 areas I would like to do. Going to start with back fat irst and go from there.

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    After my third child it was more than visible that my
    post-pregnancy paunch was not going to spring back into a lovely taut,
    washboard stomach. I’ve faffed about with diets and exercise and though I have
    managed to maintain a svelte physique, I needed a little helping hand with
    those stubborn little fatty pockets that just wouldn’t budge!


    I live in Liverpool and  after researching drastic procedures such as liposuction, I discovered
    Coolsculpting by Zeltiq and it has changed my life. I had the procedure with
    Tracey Bell on Hanover Street. The clinic was gorgeous an I was up and running
    in no down time at all.


    I have had three sessions of the Coolsculpting over the past
    year and the Tracey Bell clinic also combine the treatment with radio frequency
    to tighten the skin with their ‘Ice&Fire’ package. So nice I’m sleek as
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    Have a look at their website, they do EVERYTHING – I’m now
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  • Trainertami

    Still waiting for an update on the treatment from author. Please let us know…don’t leave us hangin here.

  • Kelli

    If that’s your before and after picture, then how can the verdict still be out?  Those are some serious improvements.  Otherwise, that is someone else’s belly?  www.kellinixon.com

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    Any updates it has been a while since the author posted again.

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    And we can expect the update when? It’s july 9 2012

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