Roundup: Is pie the new cupcake?

It’s no secret that we love cupcakes around here. I mean, I’m writing this blog post at 6:00AM (CDT) because I know @mollyluise is happily spooning her pillow right now in Arizona and  won’t have a chance to delete it before you read this.

I’ve been hearing lately that pie could overtake cupcakes as the cherished treat in 2011. Since we don’t want to be behind the times (you’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming), we thought we’d share some not as cute as cupcakes, but still respectable in their own rights cutie pies:


Zoey March Jewelry on Etsy. Photograph by Zoey March.


Nerd Pie by Nerdgoodness. Photo by Nerdgoodness.

This sexy burlesque style cherrypie apron by DotsDiner. Photograph by DotsDiner.


Block print pie pillow by ArtGoodies. Photograph by ArtGoodies.