Secret tricks to wearing red lipstick

Wearing red lipstick isn’t just for the daring. While intimidating to some, this look can be pulled off pretty easily by just about anyone.

Finding a color is easier than you might think. Blue based reds are pretty universally flattering. Side bonus? They make your teeth look whiter! Ones to try? True Red by Revlon is a drugstore cult classic, and Russian Red by MAC is another great choice (shown on all the starlets below! Versatile, no?)

red lipstick on anne hathaway, christina aguilera and dita von tese

Keep the rest of your makeup minimal, but don’t neglect your skin. Bold lips look out of place if you don’t do something to touch your other features.

Give your red a great canvas to start with by exfoliating gently with your toothbrush at night, then putting a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor right before bed. If you do this right before, make sure to wipe off your lips thoroughly before moving on.

Primers can be helpful if lip color tends to bleed into the cracks in your lips. Lining will also help, but don’t just line around the edges of your lips- color in your whole lip with liner. This will help the color last longer and wear more evenly.

Next, apply the lipstick using a lip brush for the most control. Applying straight from the tube is fine too, just apply sparingly. Press your lips together lightly to blend and add more until you get a nice even application.

Pro tip- take a small brush dipped in a tiny bit of concealer and trace around the outside edge of your lip line to act like an eraser and fix any goofs.  This makes your lip line look clean and professional.

Want to wear red to a big event? Here’s a red carpet makeup artist secret- make a paste out of cherry Kool-aid powder and water and CAREFULLY apply to the lips with a q-tip or clean lip brush. Don’t go outside the lines, because it’s nearly impossible to get off! Then apply your lipstick as explained above. The Kool-aid will stain your lips, and as your lipstick wears throughout the evening, you’ll maintain a beautiful ruby pout with minimal upkeep. Remember, red lips can go from sassy to sloppy with a simple smudge so keep a compact mirror in your purse and discreetly keep an eye on your lipstick status. While wearing red lipstick takes a little more forethought than slapping on some nude gloss, the impact is worth the effort!

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    love red lipstick i’m a big fan and i tend to wear it everyday. thanks for the advice