Dollars: Birthday brought to you by a Daily Deals website

I’ve started what could easily turn into a bad habit; Justifying the rapid purchase of daily deals. For example, it’s my little sister’s birthday and I’ve been buying a few deals over the past month and every time I say, “oh, this would be great for Lizzy’s birthday.”

I do truly think I was able to get a few really cool things for her.

I found these Della Hobo Bags on sale for 50% off ($24 for $48). Della describes itself as a company that provides jobs to the local community. I love the bright colors, patterns and the company’s mission.

I first saw the Sheyna back in November before Christmas. The Today Show featured them in a deals and steals segment. When I went to the website it had crashed because of the publicity and traffic. I had put them out of site, out of mind. Then I saw them come across in a daily deal. Besides having beautiful jewlry, what really attracted me to them is that you actually get to design your own.

There’s an interactive builder and you drag and drop your different gems, bobbles and hoops and as you build it, the price adjusts. The deal I purchased was also 50% off ($30 for $60).

Finally, I’m a sucker for experiential deals (ask my husband about his trapeze flying class). This deal was for a very notable salon and spa in downtown Austin, Aziz. This was for 60% off an express manicure and pedicure ($19 for $47).

So my grand totals:

  • 3 deals purchased
  • $151 retail value
  • $73 spent

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Disclaimer: I think I should add in here, these ideas are my own and do not represent the official views of Moolala or any other daily deal website.