Give Away: Brian the Cat

There is no love lost between me and my husband’s cat, Brian. I’m not sure what put me over the edge with Brian, it could have been the time he clawed my less than two week old leather sofas, the times he’s played kitty olympics on my head while trying to sleep or the copious amounts of cat hair laced blankets and grossness that I often find around the house.

I admit, I’ve even approached a stranger, while walking to the mail box, to put a hit out on the cat, at which time he informed me that  he was a police officer.

But you cannot imagine how much Husband LOVES that damn cat. So much so that I usually give in soon after my, I DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THAT CAT, I JUST WANT HIM G-O-N-E HEAD SPINNING MOMENTS.

So, when I saw Mo Rocca do a feature on walking your cat called Cats on a Leash, I thought I should share two of the most ridiculous pet trends, the cat harness and the cat stroller.

So here’s my offer, to anyone who can offer Brian a good home, I’ll personally get you your own kitty harness or stroller and year’s supply of food. [What? Lots of blogs have give aways!]

  • Brian

    I’m not sure how I feel about the name. Brian the dog on Family Guy is one thing, but at least he talks.

    • Keesha

      Everyone references Family Guy, a show I haven’t seen. I named him Brian because in my mind, he is Andersen Cooper’s brother….Brian Cooper. Totally random. I know. BTW, does this count as your entry into the give away?

  • Mrs Biscuit

    Haha, that’s hilarious! When we were still friend- before we started dating. My husband tried to sell me his cat for $0.25. No returns or exchanges.
    I should have traded him since my cat is far more annoying than his! Haha!

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