Home: Dinner plans for 4/17-4/22

In March we did such a great job making and eating dinner at home. We hit a groove with the crock pot, making double batches of dishes for the freezer and it was great. Then April hit and life got busy and our whole eating at home thing went out the window.

We noticed it too. Our energy levels felt run down, our routine with the baby wasn’t consistent and we were uninspired. With that, we made a command decision and we’re getting back on the horse (at least until life gets a little too much in the way again).

The routine that works for us is:

Make double recipes: We bite the bullet for one week and we make double if not triple recipes of everything we cook and freeze the surplus.

Schedule food on the calendar: We write out what we plan to eat each day for at least 2 to 2 1/2 weeks on the refrigerator calendar. For example, I’m making chicken pot pies today and freezing a batch of filling for a future meal. On my calendar for today I wrote Chicken Pot Pie and I then look out a week or two later and write Chicken Pot Pie again.

Shop in one day: With a young baby, it’s really difficult for us to get to store multiple times during the week. We’re once and done grocery shoppers now.

On our menu this week:

  1. Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie
  2. Chicken Tikki Masala
  3. Individual Veggie Pizzas
  4. Lemongrass grilled Chicken with Red Quinoa
  5. dinner night out

We also try to put together something sweet that can take us through a few nights. This week we have Blue Bell Peaches and Cream Ice Cream and we’re making Earl Grey and Lavender Scones to celebrate the nuptials of William and Kate. :)