DIY: Food Photography Tips

No kidding, I can take a picture of a cupcake that will make your mouth water. I know how to angle it, I know how to accessorize it and make the camera LOVE IT. Pie. I don’t quite know how to make a pie look good in a photograph. I’ll keep working at it, but it did make me think, what are the food photography tips I’ve learned over the years. Here are a few and I’m interested in learning from you.

  • Shoot from a lower angle than you think you should- When you take a picture of a person, typically you’re eye level with your subject. When you are looking at food, you’re probably standing about a foot taller than the surface. Bring your camera lower, the food will look bigger and fill the space of the photograph.
  • Learn your camera– I have a DSLR and a point and shoot. I like both of them for taking food photos. In a year, I’ve taken close to 10,000 photos learning the nuances of each.
  • Use natural light– My favorite time of day is to take photos in the morning. The sun is soft, bright and typically not glaring. I started learning white balance on my camera for indoor evening shots, but still, I love the look of a morning photo.
  • Hold steady– by using a tri-pod. It helps with exposure and consistency. I’ll typically take 1/2 of my photos using a tri-pod and the other 1/2 free hand.



  • Singlelife2wife

    that pie looks pretty delicious to me 😉