Giveaway: Win a $25 Sephora Gift Card!

I’m so excited to be having our very first giveaway at MTH… a $25 Sephora gift card! Because srsly, who doesn’t love Sephora?! Makeup and fragrance and skin care OH MY.  The contest will be running starting NOW and ending at Midnight Saturday night 5/7/11.

win a sephora gift card!

Entering is easy– just comment here with your email address and tell us your what your favorite MTH post has been so far. Plus, get bonus entires by doing any (or all) of the following:
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    The winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond to claim their prize. International entries welcome, but MTH is not responsible if there is no Sephora in your area. Prize has no cash value and is in the form of an e-gift Certificate delivered via email. This post has NOT been sponsored by anyone but ourselves and we have not been reimbursed for any expenses from Sephora or any other sponsor.

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    • Superwifejenny

      I love all of the posts about baby stuff :)
      Oh, and I did like the yoga post as well.

    • Mrs Biscuit

      Ooh! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I’m glad I hopped over to yours! I could really use some new foundation and Sephora makes the loveliest stuff… either that or a new purse sized perfume! :)

    • Kim

      I loved the homage to Peeps for Easter! Adorable stuff on Etsy and I love Sephora, haha.

    • Laurie

      I really thought the CoolSculpting post was interesting. I also like any posts with recipes or etsy finds! Believe it or not, I have never been in a Sephora store. They just opened one here in Albuquerque a few months back, but I’m reluctant to go in because I know my 2-year-old daughter will get into everything! It calls t o me every time I walk past, though!

    • Laurie

      Just liked you on facebook, and posted a link in my status!

    • Laurie
    • Kim

      I like the post on cold brewing coffee. I’ve always wanted a French Press, and I may just get one now :)

      xkimmyannex at

    • Kim

      Following on Twitter: Kimmy_Anne678
      and tweeted:!/Kimmy_Anne678/status/65090393393475585

      xkimmyannex at

    • AllisonLouise

      Your entry about the cat harness was the best! More Brian posts please!

    • Kim

      Cold brew coffee=one ingredient of Vietnamese coffee. Yummy. kim.gandy27 at

    • Sharisaphelps

      Loved the post about taking a better DL pic! A newlywed such as myself loved picking up a few pointers before I made the big name change :)

    • Anonymous

      what a great giveaway. my favorite MTH post has to be about how to wear red lipstick. i’m a red lipstick wearer and i love finding artciles that will help me wear every single day.

    • Anonymous

      I liked your page on facebook as Leah Pruitt.

    • Anonymous

      i follow you on twitter as @PLeahPruitt
      and i tweeted about this give away to my followers!/pleahpruitt/status/65219763588173825

    • drjamieyoung

      love sephora! i am a new follower from the sss, so, so far, this is my favorite :)i look forward to reading more!
      jo from “our Beautiful Mess”

    • Plur268

      “How to Clean for last minute company”

    • Lillea W

      One of my favorite articles is I Tried It: Fat Freezing by Zeltiq

      contactlillea at

    • Dana

      My favorite post is the one on DIY food photography tips!

    • Erica

      I think your “How to Brew Cold Coffee” article is my fave so far. (

    • Gchord88

      My favorite post so far was the one with the gift ideas for wine lovers, great ideas!
      Gchord88 at aol dot com

    • Gchord88

      I like you on facebook (Gina R)
      Gchord88 at aol dot com

    • Sarah

      I loved the Easy Yoga for any schedule! Such a simple way to relax and get healthy at the same time!

    • Nana Kat

      The How To Cold Brew Coffee post is very informative & as the weather is changing & the sun is making more of an appearance, this is very good info to know! Thanks.
      fastkat at gmail dot com

    • Ejm6x

      The Easter Peep Etsy roundup was priceless–I’m absolutely addicted to the darned things!

      Thanks for the chance to win!


      ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • Paintmyselfpretty

      I loved how to clean up for last minute company….good, quick tips for those pesky friends…haha!

      Thanks for counting me in :)


    • Uk7ss

      My favorite post is about the etsy custom stationary roundup. I love all teh creations at etsy, and the cards were so pretty!

    • Regadway

      I like MTH on Face Book:)

    • Regadway

      Love the Greenify post about reusing plastic bags:)

    • brandy

      My fave post is your easy Irish soda bread. I’ve always wanted to make some but never have… your recipe is on my list!

    • Samantha Scarpa

      My fav post is about reusing plastic bags! i have hundred of them!

    • Samantha Scarpa
    • Samantha Scarpa

      I liked you on FB!

    • Secretcityranch

      I like the “Your Career: Is the grass greener?” post

    • Sandy

      I love the Easter Peeps etsy roundup!

    • domestic diva

      I like the what’s your dream for your child post. It made me think….

    • Cathey

      I love the easy crumpet recipe!

      irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com

    • Roxy

      i love the what’s your dream for your child post

    • Marija Majerle

      I loved the “How to brew cold coffee” post! I’ll be trying that as soon as the mornings warm up a bit.

      marija.majerle at gmail dot com

    • MelodyJ

      I like Beauty: Drugstore Lipstick Gem. I’m always looking for the best for less.


    • SuperwifeJenny
    • Superwifejenny
    • Junella Tu

      I love the dinner plans! It makes me want to try everything!

      jdmgirlfriend at gmail dot com

    • Junella Tu

      I liked you on FB as Junella Tu

      jdmgirlfriend at gmail dot com

    • Hanna Kelley

      I like your dinner plans!

      giveawaychu at gmail dot com

    • Sonflower277

      I like drugstore lipstick gem.
      sonflower277 at gmail dot com

    • Erin

      My email is in this form (dr…ch…@gmail)
      My favourite post is I like your fashion-related posts :)

    • Erin

      I liked your page (erin d)

    • Emily R

      this I just found you because of this :)

    • Vittoria

      i love the fashion-high-heeled-sneakers post…the cartoon made it even funnier!

    • Vittoria
    • Vittoria

      i like you on facebook!

    • Robin Scott
    • Robin Scott

      like you on fb
      Robin Scott
      robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

    • Robin Scott

      I like your easy crumpet recipe post
      robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

    • PaigeandRob

      My favorite post was about the drugstore lipsticks, I spent 20 minutes looking at summer shades yesterday! It was fun to look and imagine myself in them but I get kinda scared of bright colors on lips!!! Looks great on you though!


    • PaigeandRob

      I tweted about your giveaway

    • PaigeandRob

      I like you on facebook as PaigeRob

    • Sarah Beth

      I like you on FB!

      chickenpouf at gmail dot com

    • Melinds21

      I like your post about Daily Deals….I’m always looking for ways to save money :)

    • Maggie

      Your post on drugstore lipsticks. I almost never wear lipstick so I can’t justify spending a lot of money to try a new color.

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    • Victoria Russell5

      Love the crumpet recipe! It was perfect for the royal wedding re-watches!

    • Jane

      I liked your post about how to look better in your drivers licence picture! :)

    • Cole

      I really love your clean design. It’s so refreshing!

    • Doreen

      I like the Dinner post from this week and how to imitate the Lettuce Wraps recipe!

      purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

    • Doreen

      purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

    • Doreen

      Like you on Facebook!

      Doreen H.
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    • Huffychic

      I enjoyed the Food Photography Tips!

    • Huffychic

      like you on facebook Tara Huff

    • Perfectbluemoon

      I guess this would have to be my favourite post as I just discovered your blog, but I def. think I’ll be keeping up with it from now on!

    • Carrie

      i love your etsy star wars roundup. that yoda hat is the cutest!

    • kolpin l

      besides the giveaways (def my top post!), i like your recessionista section and article on clothing resale tips

      kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

    • jacqueline v

      i just discovered your blog but i loved the doritos casserole article. ive never heard of it before! sounds amazing!

    • Laurie C

      My favorite post would have to be the article on how to cold brew coffee. I can’t thank you enough, mornings are looking up this summer!



      laurc2011 (at) hotmail (dot) com

    • Cinderella10383

      I love the baby what’s your dream post… Jamie Brigham

    • Cinderella10383

      I tweeted about this giveaway @cinderella10383:twitter!/Cinderella10383/status/66761252092903424
      Jamie Brigham

    • Cinderella10383

      I liked you on facebook- Jamie Brigham

    • The Knapps

      My favorite post was Give Away: Brian the Cat…sometimes I feel like that about my own kitty :)

      danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

    • Raynekitten

      I like the doritos casserole.. i love trying new recipes..

    • Julie L
    • Julie L

      like u on fb Julie S Laws

    • Vazquez

      I really like the Easy Crumpet Recipe post — I would love to make these!!


      I just found your site so… far this is my favorite post :)

    • Anonymous

      I like the post about the Etsy find on the stationary roundup. I think it’s lovely to personalize cards in your own handwriting. :) My email is

    • Anonymous

      I posted a comment on twitter about the $25 giveaway.!/KurvaceousGurl

    • Anonymous

      I liked you on facebook. Ashley W

    • Dee

      loved your recent post Drugstore lipstick gem because I’m looking to find some great drugstore buys since the most name brand cosmetics are getting to be too expensive. you should do more drugstore posts! :)

    • Dee

      I like you on fb as Dee G :)

    • Dee

      I follow you on twitter @deegee13 and tweeted: thanks for the chance! :)

    • Azn-soul

      The turkey chili recipe is looking mighty delicious! Definitely tempted to try it out 😀

    • Azn-soul
    • Azn-soul

      Facebook fan (Alyiana Chu)

    • anita b

      I love this post I actually am going to be buying a stamp and embosser from etsy ince you mentioned it in your post . I love those Loubies on stationary.



    • anita b

      DONE Like our page on Facebook (
      ). If you already do like us, you can share it on your feed.

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