Baby: What’s your dream for your child?

Oprah has repeated a quote from a guest several times, “Every parent has a dream for their child.” When we had our baby boy, I thought about that a lot. Once you get over the hysteria of being a new parent, Googling every thing you child does; For me I was convinced that because my baby hiccupped he was showing early signs of turrets at 3 weeks. I’m not saying that jokingly. I really did think he did.

Once that stage was over, oh, and when we finally got a full night of sleep, I kept revisiting, “What is my dream for my child?”

What keeps rushing into my mind is that I want him to have a wonderous, curious, creative nature.

This is baby and I this morning. He was delighted looking at his image on the computer screen.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah really says right that Every parent has a dream for their child. Every parents like if their child learn a new thing. They think all the things do their child.