Home: Dinner Plans for 5/9-5/13


My very first Mother’s Day started at 4:30 AM when the baby woke up needing a diaper change. I decided it was a great opportunity for us to snuggle since his Dad was out of town. He spent the next two hours grabbing my nose and cheeks until I gave up and we started our day. Which reminded me that I need to clip his fingernails. Man are those things sharp!

This week the baby is up for a few dinner surprises, we’ll switch him from rice to oatmeal cereal. I know exciting times. For the grown ups, this is what’s on our menu:

  • cashing in a Groupon to a local sub/sandwich shop by our house
  • steamed veggies and chicken over rice
  • homemade creamy chicken taquitos
  • grab a frozen Tikki Masala from the freezer
  • http://www.classycareergirl.com Anna

    Happy Mother’s day! Sounds like some yummy dinner plans! :)

    • Keesha

      Thanks Anna!