Career: Writing Resume Objective Statements

If you’re going to put an objective statement on your resume, you better get it right. Take a look at these two statements:



and then this one:



  • As a reader does one stand out more than the other?
  • Does one give you an idea of what the candidate actually wants to do inside of an organization?
  • Is one formatted more clearly than the other?

For me, the second objective statement (they refer to theirs as a Target) stands out beyond the first. When writing an objective statement you should consider:

  • Do I need one?
  • Did I clearly define what I want to do in the organization?
  • Does it match the job in which I’m applying?

I hope this little quip gives you some ideas on how to approach your resume. If you’re interested in reading more about professional motivation with a little class check out the blog Classy Career Girl. We think she’s kinda awesome.