Beauty: How much do you spend on your hair?

For a long time I’ve been really self-conscience about my hair. I got my first gray hair in high school and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen my natural hair color since then. I’m afraid to think what’s under the years of color.

In my early twenties I used the good store brand hair color, usually in some shade of brown, brunette, which for me typically turned my hair a coppery brown color.

When I earned gainful employment I started going to salons to have my hair colored. As I earned even more gainful employment <g> I started going to nicer salons.

So, here’s my confession: I go to the salon for an all over color every 3 weeks, religiously. I go to what I think are really nice salons and and I pay $95 for a base color + 20% tip = $108 per visit. I also spend 90 minutes per visit.

I justify it by saying that the more confident I can feel about my appearance, the more confident I’ll be about my work. Which to a large extent I think is true for me.

Lately, I started considering alternatives to the salon.

  • Going back to grocery store brands
  • Using products sold at beauty supply stores
  • Purchasing a customized hair color online


Do you have any experience with any of these options or am I better sticking with my awesome salon?


  • Mrs Biscuit

     I used to get my hair done constantly by a friend of mine. We’d go to her salon after hours and she’d only charge me the cost of the products, then I’d take her out for a nice supper… It worked really well until she lost her job and started charging me $30, then $40 plus supper, all the way up to $90… to do my hair at her house! Needless to say I started doing my own color and then finally stopped doing that and let it grow out… I had another friend buy me professional quality color from Cosmoprof, she taught me how to mix it and I colored my hair at home happily every six weeks for over a year… which probably cost me about $30 total! It’s definitely the way to go if you want to save some money!

  • Anonymous

     I do the same thing! Pravana black with zero lift developer. I just buy the color and do it at home- BUT…. my hair is one single color. If I had highlights or anything more difficult, I’d definitely leave it to the pros. 

  • Tnm

    I am a hairdresser at a higher end salon and I will tell my clients to try to stretch out the time in between. Instead of 3 weeks go 4. In the end it will save you some money. I also think that most of my clients come in for the salon experience and you should be getting that “me” time while you are paying the money :)  I also try to advise my clients in what else they can do at home to get more longevity from their color. Don’t use the at home haircolor. You get what you pay for. Plus there is no way possible for every head to get that exact shade they say on the box. If you have to color your hair at home then go to a beauty supply and get the better color.  

  • Sheila Dee

    I have not seen my natural color since my early 20s (I am 40+). For most of those years, I used professional colors and mixed it myself (having my husband apply it). Everytime I changed to a new color I would go to the salon to get it done but then change back to doing it myself again. I had always done dark colors until recently. Two months ago, I switched to a blonde with streaks and am relying on the salon each time now. But I am quite happy with the color as I can’t see the gray!