Beauty: Running late to work?

Nothing like looking at the clock and realizing you have a meeting in 30 minutes and you still need to shower and make it there. That happened to me this week. I needed to meet a contractor at the office very early in the morning so they could get in and out before the rest of the office started their day.

I had to, had to shower. Which meant that lots had to be sacrificed to get there on time. Here’s my progression of getting ready at the office: Don’t tell anyone, but I think I’m getting wrinkles under my eyes.

Opt to dress up, not down: Consider wearing a dress, I love having at least a simple black jersey dress or neutral print ready to go. If the weather is cooler, pair it with a pair of boots and in the summer a cool pair of wedge heels.

Simple make-up: For me my make up essentials are brow liner, mascara and lip gloss. I have sample sizes of these items in a little make up bag in my purse. It’s helpful to have them hand too for mid-day touch ups.

Don’t look in the mirror: It never fails, when I’m in a hurry is when all those little insecurity whispers start to get a little louder. I’ll take a few peeks, but the minute I start to analyze is the minute I start to try on everything in the closet.

Know where you put your keys: This is me, the pot, calling the kettle black. Try to put your purse and keys down in the same spot every day. That way when you’re running out the door, you don’t waste precious minutes trying to find your car keys.