Dollars: Switching to generic branded grocery items.

A few months ago, my family and I relocated from Arizona to Texas. My husband works from home and I work away from home. With our changed working circumstances, he now does most of the grocery shopping.

He and I shop very differently. Traditionally, I’ve adopted a “European” approach to grocery shopping, going to the store more frequently to pick up items for the evenings dinner.

He on the other-hand, loves to bulk shop. If you can get it in quantities of 10 or more, he’s on it.

Over the months since our move, I’ve noticed the “look” of items in our pantry start to change. Most notably, the brightly colored yellow Cheerio’s boxes are all now white and blue generic “honey-o” boxes.

Most store brand products cost 30-50% less than premium brands, they’re certainly worth a try. Compare labels before you buy to see how different ingredients really are.

Here are some generics we’ve been happy with:

Baby Formula– Baby Formula is a tightly regulated product. Unless you little one has specific dietary needs, there is little difference in formulas. We switched from Similac to Costco’s Kirkland’s brand.

Cereal– I’m referencing the Cheerio’s switch. We like the Wal-mart store brand.

Hot Sauce– We’re all over the board on this one. Sometimes we go generic (we like HEB’s store brand), sometimes we go speciality, we don’t have a lot of loyalty here.

Artificial Sweetener– I don’t know why I’d ever buy name brand again.

Your turn…anything you’ve made a switch over to?