Food- Cooking for the week or OAWC

So I have to admit, I’m feeling a bit like a badass right now. I just got done cooking, bagging, labeling and freezing about two weeks worth of food. Not only that, but the dishes are done and the laundry is folded.  With my busy new job I have been seriously lacking in the kitchen, and my bank account is feeling the burn from all the nights eating out. Today I got a ton of groceries (to the tune of about $130) and decided to whip up some meals that I can easily freeze and then reheat later in the week. Of course, I turned to google to learn more about this, and found that “OAWC” and “OAMC” (once a week cooking and once a month cooking, respectively) are in full swing on the blogosphere.

I learned quite a bit in my research and after tonight’s blazing success, I think I’ll be doing this much more often. I really didn’t take that much longer than one really involved dinner. Financially, this is an awesome concept that allows you to buy and cook in bulk to really stretch your dollars.

If absolutely nothing else, I’m just happy to have more free time in the evening and be able to have a tasty meal to cook up on a busy night!

Here were my choices for easy freeze dinner dishes:

*Lasagna (enough for two nights)

*Enchiladas (enough for two nights)

*Chicken Meatballs (to be reheated and tossed with red sauce over spaghetti noodles)

*Sloppy Joes

*Veggie coconut curry

*Teryiaki Chicken breasts (to be served over rice with broccoli)

*Slow cooker chicken breasts

What are some of your favorite make-ahead meals? I need lots more recipes! :)