Fashion- Review

You may have heard of ShoeDazzle– a service that after a brief questionare, a team of personal stylists selects shoes that- based on your style profile- you’re sure to love. All for a tempting and affordable price of only $39.99. I’m a lover of bargains in the name of fashion, so I signed up, answered the questions and the next day had my very own shoedazzle showroom. My first pick was the ‘Lucia’ suggested to me by Kim Kardashian. The heel looked dangerously high, but the 1″ platform made me a little more comfortable with the idea. Plus, I had just heard how splashes of neon on shoes were totally in right now, so I was sold.

Shipping is free, and only took about five days from the time I clicked “purchase” to the time i found the box on my doorstep. Unboxing them was an experience in itself. I was already excited for my sexy new shoes, and it only grew as I opened the brown cardboard box exposing a flashy, fun hot pink box inside. I slid it open revealing a matching pink dust bag and a fabulous pair of heels. My boyfriend and I took a look at them, inspecting the craftsmanship and at first glances everything seemed very well constructed. Probably some of the best I’d seen for a shoe in that price range. I tried them on, and they were very true to size. Perfect fit.

Cautiously, I waited to wear them until I had a day at work where I wasn’t going to be on my feet too much. I am happy to report that I wore them comfortably all day, and they only started to become ouchy when I made a last minute stop at the supermarket after work and paced the hard concrete grocery aisles for over an hour.

I did have to return the second pair due to it not fitting properly. They were true to size, but the ankle strap wasn’t quite tight enough for my liking. They didn’t feel quite as sturdy as the first pair, but I definitely liked them enough to keep had the ankle strap fit better. They supply a prepaid return label which easily affixes to the box the shoes come in. I dropped it off at UPS about 7 days ago and haven’t seen a credit on my account, but am not expecting to for probably a few more days.

Overall, I’m very pleased with ShoeDazzle. I don’t know that I’ll purchase every month, but I do know if I see a pair I can’t live without, I feel perfectly comfortable buying.

For the record, this is NOT a sponsored post and I have not received any compensation for it from ShoeDazzle or anyone else.