BlogHer 2011 here I come!

So it’s here already! I leave first thing in the morning for San Diego to meet up with Super Wife Jenny for a fabulous girls weekend and our first BlogHer adventure. Unfortunately, with as crazy as life has been- me with a new job and Jenny with a new baby AND a freshly broken leg, our pre-planning has sort of taken the back seat. So, our plan is to arrive and sort of wing it. We have RSVP’ed to the Instead Softcup party (anyone else joining us??), so at least there’s that! We’re hoping to catch the expo hall and People’s Party tomorrow and then just figure it out from there. Next year, we’ll be sure to dedicate a lot more time to laying out our schedule and getting in on good parties 😉

I’d love love love to connect with any readers! Please comment here or twitter me @MoreThanHeels. Keep an eye out for pictures and tales of our adventures at our very first BlogHer!

  • rebekah.ellerman

    Molly, it was very cool to meet you at BlogHer this year!  I’m with you.  Next year definitely deserves more planning to make sure I hit the parties and seminars.