Love: 6 Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Oh how magical new relationships can be… even just quietly watching TV is exciting and new. After a few years, the routine sets in and it’s important to keep things interesting. I know I’m guilty of sitting four feet away from my loved one on the couch, both of our faces buried in laptops or paperwork. This Valentine’s day, try something outside the box. Here’s a few suggestions-

1. Visit a U-Pick Farm
If you are lucky enough to live in a Citrus state (California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, etc) consider visiting a U-Pick farm. They’re generally inexpensive- Local Arizona grower Agritopia Farms charges a mere $6 to fill a 15lb bag with delicious oranges, lemons and grapefruits. That’s a small price to pay for a day outside, doing something unique together.  Afterwards, lunch together finished by one of the sweet fruits of your harvest is the perfect touch. In other states, this makes a fantastic spring, summer or fall outing.

2. Geocaching
Never heard of it? It’s basically a big, real world treasure hunt using handheld GPS systems or smartphones. You seek out treasures that others have left behind, and you can leave as well. What an exciting way to bring two people closer, or for new couples to learn to work together. There’s guides on getting started available (here’s a good one), and it’s easy enough for anyone to try.

3. Cheap Motel retreat
Who wouldn’ t love to stay at a fancy five star resort for a weekend… but the reality is we can’t all afford it! Getting away from the places that become routine can be extremely refreshing. Cheap hotels can still be clean and comfortable, and often offer a lower rate for locals. Pack an overnight bag, some movies, drinks and order pizza in! Shut off your phone and enjoy the company of your partner without distractions.

4.  Artistic Expression
Pick up a few canvases at the craft store and a variety of paints. Share a bottle of  wine and get artistic. This can become a great tradition, and a personal way to decorate your home.

5. Explore your state
Sometimes the locals are the last ones to check out the tourist attractions. Take a road trip to a nearby town and see the sights and remind yourself why you live where you do. I know I’ve personally lived in Arizona for almost five years and have never seen the Grand Canyon!

6.  Scavenger Hunt
Challenge each other to spend the day taking photos (in order!) of things beginning with all the letters of the alphabet. Meet for dinner at your favorite place and compare your slideshow. This could also be a lot of fun to do together, as opposed to separately!

Of course, most ladies still have a soft spot for the traditional fare. Cards, candy, a dozen red roses… of course, now you can always order flowers online, thankfully. Have any other awesome date ideas? Please share!

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