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I am very simply a coffee addict. This in itself isn’t that big of a problem, but the fact that my coffee is more cream and sugar than anything else is causing my waistline to pay the price. Any time I need to cut calories, I start with switching my morning caffeinated beverage to tea. I have found that since it lacks the sharp bitterness that most coffees have, I can drink it straight with no sweetener at all. Weekly calorie savings? Almost 2000. Not too shabby. My midday crash is also non existent when I’m sipping green tea throughout the day.

Loose leaf teas are teas in their most unprocessed states- retaining as much of the antioxidant benefits as possible. Bad news to those of you sipping bottled, mass produced tea- according to a USDA study in 2006, they contain a measly 5% of the antioxidants that a serving of loose leaf tea! There are thousands of types, varieties, flavors… really something for everyone. Plus, I’d argue that the relaxing, ceremonious act of preparing loose leaf teas only adds to the overall benefits.

Last year, ran a daily deal for a company out of Colorado called The Tea Spot. I was excited to try them out, and am happy to report that after several re-orders, I’m still a huge fan. Their teas come packaged in a really convenient and attractive tin that not only keeps your tea fresh, but it also helps conserve cabinet space. I’ve even kept my empties and reused them with some of my other loose teas. The tins run about $10, and you can get 48 8oz servings. The price varies for some of the different varieties, of course.

The quality of the tea itself has yet to disappoint me. Here are my top favorites-

1. Bolder Breakfast– this is the one that helped me break my coffee habit. It’s a chocolate infused puerh tea that seriously tastes like coffee without the bitterness. It’s what I wish black coffee tasted like.

2. Creme Caramel– tiny nibs of caramel give this black tea a mild sweetness that is so satisfying.

3. Meditative Mind– this tea isn’t only delicious, it’s beautiful. Pretty rosebuds and white tea make this blend a sensory joy. The look, smell and taste is amazing. White tea is very mild, extremely high in antioxidants and low in caffeine.

Their customer service has been fantastic and they are fun to engage with on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, I love that they donate 10% of each sale to cancer wellness programs. As someone who’s had a number of friends and family battle cancer, I appreciate their dedication to this cause.

Are you a tea lover? We’d love to hear your favorite type!

  • Mrs. Biscuit

    Oh I absolutely ADORE tea! I like anything green, jasmine, mint… I could go on and on! I’ll have to check that website out. I have two shelves in my pantry devoted entirely to tea… but I can always make room for more! :)