Gadget Love: Pair

We love gadgets and social technology. This is a regular feature of the newest things that are getting our attention.


Pair is a private social networking application for, a pair of people. The application allows you to pair up with one other person (think significant other, bestie, whatever) and you have your own private social network that you can use to share photos, videos, draw and share task lists. You can even “thumb kiss” which is the cheesiest of interactions, but one that makes you feel loved none the less. Pair is available for both iPhone and Android.

So, really?

So, really, this application was fun for the first 48 hours and once a week or so, I’ll send a little, “Thinking about you” buzz. We both have easy access to chat, text and call whenever we need something, so we haven’t really replaced any of our standard communication tools for this one.