How to: Sparkle your Chargers

Living in a three iPhone household there is no shortage of arguments as to which cords and chargers belong to whom. While it’s easy to just always assume they’re mine, this strategy wasn’t going over well with everyone else.

Simple solution- painting mine with nail polish! Plus, they’re much cuter this way. Isn’t everything better with glitter? I painted one side at a time so it could dry without smudging when I set it down. You could opt to also use a clear coat for more shine, but I didn’t feel like it was necessary. Allow to dry completely between coats, and do as many as needed to get your desired level of coverage or opacity. Since I used a sheer glitter, I was happy with two coats.

  • Escuelas de maquillaje

    I did not know you could put this on any gadgets or chargers.

  • Blehblehbleh54

    won’t it catch it on fire? i painted mine too, but im afriad since nail polish is flammable that it will cathc it on fire.

    • Molly Hutchins

       I doubt it would, because I’m pretty sure the flammable stuff is what evaporates off as the polish dries. I’ve been using mine without issue.

  • Saskkckcjjc

    I thought you used glitter not nail polish because nail polish is flammable

  • Iwuvsoftball777

    Won’t it catch on fire though?