Gardening with Confidence: SproutRobot

Plants want to grow; it’s how they’re engineered. I don’t have a degree in Biology, but I did take a Horticulture class that year I was on scholastic probation. So, I feel credible in giving that first statement.

We’ve been consistent gardeners for several years now, from small containers to raised beds. Typically I plant what I can turn into pasta sauce, salsa or mojitos.

We’ve been working with a professional landscaper on our backyard. We decided to splurge and take this route, so we can have guidance in building our perfect space. It’s going to be awesome.

Next year, we’ll put in a larger garden, until then it’s back to small container gardening.

I did come across a site this week that totally caught my eye, SproutRobot. It’s a site that tells you when to plant seeds based on your zip code.  I spent $5 a few weekends ago on a Cilantro plant, and I read this week that now is the time to plant Cilantro from seeds for my Austin, TX area. A whole packet of seeds is like $1.

So, really?

I really do like it! I immediately feel more confident in choosing what to plant when, rather than wondering through Lowe’s trying to figure out which plant wants to live the most.