7 Ways to Use Your Instagram Photos You Might Not Know

1. Make a pillow

One of my personal favorites. Stitchtagram lets you make a collage style photo pillow. Wouldn’t these make a great wedding gift? The site also does clutches and coin purses.

2. Make an iphone case


Casetagram allows you to make an iPhone case with either a collage of your instagram photos, or one single image. Possibilities for this are endless… a beautiful sunset, your kids, you and your significant other. Personalizing your phone case is a great way to show off something dear to you.

3. Send them as a post card

postagram post card

This is one I use very often, and am very happy with it! Instead of going through the trouble of printing a photo, buying a stamp and heading to a post office, why not just let an app do it all for you? It’s beyond easy. Import a photo of your choice in postagram, tell it what else to say and who to send it to, and it’s off- postage paid and all for just $1.

4. Wear it as a necklace

instagram necklace


Etsy seller CircleAndSpades will create a tile necklace from your instagram photos. Taking the old locket necklace and giving it a twist :)

5. Make a set of coasters

Coastermatic lets you protect your coffee table and show off your vacation pictures all at once. You could even choose photos within a certain color family to keep your decor in mind!

6. Wear them as a friendship bracelet

WearShare creates a water resistant bracelet with your choice of images plus a scannable QR code. These are so fun, I’m sure they’d especially be a blast for a teenager. You could also use these for VIP events, gatherings, company parties- so many different ways you could use these to give a personal touch.

7. Tile a backsplash

 image from http://lynnandtonicblog.com

While it would get a little spendy to tile the ENTIRE kitchen in instagram images, doing a few strategically placed throughout your tile project would look nothing short of amazing. ImageSnap offers them in a number of different projects, even as small as 2″x2″. You could also use 4″ size as coasters!

Any other out-of-the-box ideas on using instagram photos?? Let us know in the comments!

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