6 Sneaky Ways to feel at Home in a Hotel


This past year my job has kept me on the road more often than not. While frequent travel has its perks, it can also get lonely and make you miss the comforts of home. Here are six tricks I’ve picked up along the way to feel more at home when you’re away.

  1. Unpack.
    Whenever I know I will be staying for more than a night or two, I make it a point to unpack right away. I hang all my clothes, put my undergarments and accessories in the dresser and set out my hygiene and beauty products on the vanity. Picking my clothes for the day out of a closet instead of rustling through my suitcase not only feels more like home, it also cuts down on wrinkles and ironing. Also, these Eagle Creek Packing cubes have been a game changer for me when it comes to packing, and being able to fit everything in a carry-on bag.
  2. Slippers.
    I bring a pair of slippers with me wherever I go. They are not much bigger than a pair of socks, but are extremely cozy and make chilly hotel nights feel a lot more comfortable. I got mine at Target, but these are similar and about the same price. Plus, the hotel floors are sometimes a bit questionable. They’re also an easy pick when I want to sneak down to the dining area for breakfast before I get ready in the morning. These are also good to use on long flights if you don’t want to wear your sneakers or dress shoes. Pro tip: Please don’t go barefoot on a plane.
  3. Bath soak.
    Some people might balk at the idea of using a hotel bathtub, but personally I think they’re fantastic- and likely get cleaned more often than I clean my own at home. I have a sachet of aromatherapy bath salts in my personal care bag and it feels amazing to unwind after a long day of travel or a hectic day at a convention. Pair that hot, soothing bath with a glass of wine and you’re all set. This is my favorite one, and I usually pick them up at Whole Foods. Pro tip: Many hotels, especially extended stays, offer a complimentary “reception” each evening, usually from about 5-7pm and serve one free glass of wine or beer. I usually go and grab my free glass of wine and bring it up to enjoy later in the evening in the comfort of my own room.
  4. Coffee.
    It’s rare that the cheap hotel coffee that comes in your room is any good. In fact, you’re lucky if it tastes anything better than watered down shoe polish. I bring a few packets of instant coffee (My favorite: Starbucks Via) and I grab a cup of half and half from the breakfast area if I have a refrigerator. If I don’t have a fridge I just grab a few extra tubs of coffee creamer from the lobby since they usually only leave one or two with your terrible in-room coffee setup. IMPORTANT NOTE: I found out first hand that sometimes people really do pee in hotel coffee pots. Be sure to give your water reservoir a sniff before brewing.
  5. Toilet Paper.
    Sounds silly, but if I stop at a store on my way to my hotel (which I usually do), I always grab a roll of nice toilet paper. It rarely costs more than about a dollar but it makes a world of difference in comfort compared to the scratchy one-ply TP that is usually standard in budget hotels. You’ll thank me later.
  6. Water.
    This is usually why I pop into a Walgreens or grocery store on my way to a check in. When you travel, you tend to get dehydrated which can lead to serious bloating. It’s never fun wriggling into an outfit you’ve planned only to end up feeling like a sausage in your normally perfectly fitting clothes. I make it a point to drink a gallon of water per day- at home or when traveling- to keep that bloating and water retention at bay.

Hope these tips help you feel more comfortable when you’re traveling- they make a world of difference for me!