Top 3 Fashion Apps

Maintaining Style in the Mobile Age
Some of the best fashion apps on the market

Fashion is a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. Because more than 72.5 million people own smartphones, lifestyle brands and retailers are diligently mastering the art of mobile marketing to catch customers’ attention and retain their loyalty.

The mobile market industry is a productive business and the mobile app industry is capitalizing on this fact. App revenues last year were estimated to be at $27 billion, and are expected to increase to at least $45 billion by 2015. A blog post hosted by AlchemyBet, the developers for the Pocket Fruity mobile casino, has revealed that we now use our phones everywhere from at church or a place of worship, at school and at work, while waiting for the bus, or even while on the bus. With billions of people using their smartphones regularly on a daily basis, it’s no surprise that app makers are finding ways to reach new customers wherever they are.

Here are some noteworthy apps for fashion enthusiasts:

(iPhone, iPad, Nook, free)

This is the ultimate app for fashion mavens. It offers the most essential information from show reviews to the latest fashion trends. is great for checking out the best outfits in the world including street-style pieces.


(iPhone, iPad, Android, free)

Famous celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is a great fan of Pose. It is a weather app integrated with the true reason fashionistas check the weather – to know what to wear. Pose verifies your location to determine the local weather forecast. It offers collections and pictures to inspire your outfit for the day. Selections can also be narrowed down by letting the app know whether you’re going to the gym or headed to the office.


(iPhone, iPad, Android, free)

Covet is the perfect app for trendy people who want to kill time by playing a fashion game. The mechanics are simple: rate fashion items that are hot or not. Earn tickets and cash by entering contests, and buy dresses, shoes, and accessories that are patterned after real brands for your very own online avatar.

There are more fashion apps in the market than you can imagine. Do you use fashion-related apps that are not mentioned above? Feel free to share them in the reply section below!