MiraDry Review: I Microwaved my Armpits

Sweating is an unfortunate fact of life, and for some of us it’s a bit more of a hassle than others. While there is an actual diagnosis called “hyperhydrosis”, there is also a middle ground that is called “Sweat Bothered” individuals for those of us who sweat more than most, but not enough to have the medical diagnosis. Maybe it slightly impedes your life enough to be annoying, but not enough to spend $1000 every 3-6 months for Botox injections in the underarms. Maybe you get nervous about wearing a colored silk top that will get obvious sweat rings? Maybe you’re spending a lot on specialty antiperspirants or are tired of yellow stains in your white tops?

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Enter: MiraDry. This procedure is FDA approved for reducing underarm sweating, and even has a side benefit in reducing hair growth. The results after two treatments are permanent and most people report over a 70% reduction in underarm sweating. My main question was whether or not the procedure was dangerous. With a mom who constantly swatted me away from looking directly into the microwave while it was running, I was a little nervous. The doctor assured me that the procedure is safe, FDA approved and has an extremely high approval rating on RealSelf.com. I also wondered if I was doing any damage to my body by not sweating in my underarms anymore- which thankfully was also a no. Only 2% of our sweat glands are located under our arms, and our body will likely compensate for the missing ones by sweating slightly more elsewhere (though it is worth noticing I did not feel more sweaty anywhere else after I had it done!) With all my concerns at rest, I set a date that I could take it easy the next day as they let me know some tenderness and swelling is normal.


The day of the procedure, the Physician’s Assistant started by marking the areas they would be treating. Next, she used an injectable anisthetic technique called Tumescent Anesthesia which allows her to numb up a larger area with fewer injections. It might be worth asking your doctor if this is a possibility for your treatment as it cuts down the number of underarm injections you need! Did the armpit injections hurt? Way less than I expected! It was the part I was building up and stressing about the most, and in the end it was absolutely no big deal.
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Next, they begin the actual treatment. There are different settings strengths, so the comfort level can vary. Each “zap” feels a little hot, but cools down immediately. It stings once in awhile, but the combination of the numbing and the hand piece rapidly cooling the area, you feel very little discomfort. Nothing I couldn’t handle.


After everything was finished, the area looked pretty gross! It definitely looked worse than it felt. It was tender and warm, so I held some ice packs on the area and let it all calm down a little before I cleaned up and headed home.miradry 1 (4)

The next day, I had pretty much the exact feeling they described in the consultation-it felt like I was trying to carry golf balls under my arms. It was a bit sore and bruised, but that only lasted a few days.

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The swelling went down a lot by the end of the week, but it took about two weeks after that for it to be completely gone along with all the bruising. I did notice a difference right away- my sweating was significantly less, which was great to experience during an Arizona summer! I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has issues with sweating, or is looking to have less underarm odor and hair! If you’re in the Arizona area, go see Van Dyke Laser & Skin where I had my procedure done. It was a great treatment with a caring and experienced staff.

So cool that our instagram post was featured on Buzzfeed’s article on the MiraDry treatment!

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  • Amber Catlett

    Hello! I am wondering how long it has been since you had the procedure? and are your armpits still odor and sweat free!?