Molly, a 28 year old amateur knitter and self proclaimed geek is a transplanted Alaskan living in sunny Arizona. Being a professional makeup artist for the better part of a decade, the beauty and fashion industry is in her blood- but historically has spent much time as a corporate trainer and consultant in various technology industries (Telecommunications, Software development, Social Media, etc). Loves to wear pink, and not ironically- she’s definitely a nerdy girlie-girl.

She can’t live without: Her iPhone, MAC lipgloss in Ample Pink and Wikipedia.
Favorite apps: Instagram, Yelp, Bookworm


Keesha, a 30 something, loves food, photography, knitting and most recently babies. She’s a new mom and has gone completely head over heels for her little boy. Keesha met her husband, David while in Phoenix and they recently moved to Austin, Texas. They are loving exploring a new city and things could only get better if they could find the stupid corkscrew.

Currently obsessed with: the color orange, baby toes and Duncan Sheik
Her favorite words: Gravitas, Avocado, Discombobulated
On her television: Ice Road Truckers (I <3 Huey!)

We hope you enjoy.